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...ands it's even more amazing that actually imagined. The smoothness, the punctuality, and speed - it's true, all of it. https://youtu.be/NSCYh5p1CAY

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Time for a great question: imagine you could change the FRA-rules a bit or any rule?
What would you change? What would you deregulate/regulate/change?

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Question for the Hyperloop-fans here:
what happens when a train/pod/tubemail goes at a speed of 500 MPH when suddenly there is a catastrofical faillure and suddenly the whole pipe is getting rapidly pressurized by, let's say, a hole in the walls?

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Rishab C Rozars shared RC - The Indian Rail World's Pushpak Arriving at Kalyan Junction | 12533 Pushpak Express ha... to the group: High Speed Rail America Club. ...

Pushpak Arriving at Kalyan Junction | 12533 Pushpak Express hauled by AJNI WAP-7

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This concept is why I hate the concept of the hyper loop. The day human beings are reduced to being put in a pipeline. Absolutely. Stupid. ...


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High Speed Rail America Club is a millennial based organization that researches, promotes, and advocates high-speed rail in America, while also collaborating with private companies and local governments to make it possible. We’ve become the largest and most active high-speed rail advocacy group on Facebook and YouTube and have begun to expand.