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Why Did US Railservice Decline from Class to Crap? THE TRUTH!

Did America's once industrious and world famous passenger rail system fall because of "fair and equal" competition - or did the federal government tax it to death? Did America's shift from rails to roads come out naturally - or from lobbying from General Motors? We...

Florida NIMBYs Fall – The Battle of Texas Begins!

Citizens Against Rail Expansion has been dealt a death blow in Florida as their bills and lawsuits attempting to derail the project have failed. The battle now moves to Texas, where legislation and opposition have been cooking to do the most Republican, Conservative,...

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Taiwan HSR 700T from Taipei to Zuoying station,operating at the speed of 300 km/h (186 mph) max, built by Kawasaki heavy industry. ...

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High Speed Rail America Club is a millennial based organization that researches, promotes, and advocates high-speed rail in America, while also collaborating with private companies and local governments to make it possible. We’ve become the largest and most active high-speed rail advocacy group on Facebook and YouTube and have begun to expand.