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Japan Adventure Prologue and Part 1: “Go East, Young Man”

By HSRAC | November 24, 2017

A Happy Thanksgiving those who enjoy turkey and Black Friday for those of you who enjoy broken ribs! After airplane hijinks and bouts of bladder issues, the bois finally make it Japan in one piece to report on Tokyo’s massive train system and the lifestyle surrounding it. Part 1 includes the plane travel prologue and…


By HSRAC | April 1, 2017

We just met with a source regarding the video from yesterday – we have to expose the dark forces trying to stop high-speed rail and to help us out, please buy our special high-speed water filters on sale for 50% off!!

Man dragged off United Airlines Flight – GET ON THE TRAIN, AMERICA!

By HSRAC | April 11, 2017

Airlines have no care for their passengers and put their profits first over competition and people. It’s time to break up the monopoly and introduce the bane of airlines – high-speed rail.

How Stupid are we on Transit?

By HSRAC | April 20, 2017

Behold, the colossal – failure that is current American metropolitan planning. Demetrius opines on the current situation with transit construction in Miami, it’s failures and solutions for the incoming generation.

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Not High Speed, but still Interesting

Together with the new railway schedule, the Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) just send out a few of their new "Twindexx Vario" bi-level (double deck) Trainsets from Bombadier, for their Regional Express Service.

After seeing the video and noticing how comfortable, quite and fast those brand new "Commuter Express Trains" are (even on older tracks), I thought if those new Twindexx Vario Trainsets could be a neat choice for "CalTrain" once they are finished with their electrification upgrade.

What do you think? Yay or Nay or do you have a better Trainset in mind?


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Look what i recently found in Numbani, in Overwatch

In Blizzard's Hero based, Multiplayer, First Person Shooter, Numbani is a large City in the nigerian savanna and is story wise one of the only places on earh where robots (omnics) and humans live together in harmony, in the future.

Mostly the Map, Numbani is known for it's: International Airport, as the Airport is the starting point for the attacking team, while the defending team statrs in the city center.

But while walking through Numbani, i discovered a huge public transport map, with a massive metro network, that features several lines

The Metro seems to be called N.E.T.: Numbani Express Transit.

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So, with brightline launching just around the corner, thought it might be fun to speculate a bit and try to predict which freight railroad will be the first to follow the example of the FEC and help launch a new passenger service ...

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