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We’re Taking a Trip to Japan!

Beginning next week is a new series on Japan on their infrastructure and transportation system. Be sure to support our new GoFundMe, or Patreon to assist in producing this series and documentary leading after it....

Transit Study: Miami vs. Denver

What makes Denver Union Station lucrative and a far better-spent project versus the Miami Intermodal Center? Denver should serve as the inspiration for American train stations and here is why. https://youtu.be/IhsBnwb3YQ0

Why Did US Railservice Decline from Class to Crap? THE TRUTH!

Did America's once industrious and world famous passenger rail system fall because of "fair and equal" competition - or did the federal government tax it to death? Did America's shift from rails to roads come out naturally - or from lobbying from General Motors? We...

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Time for a great question: imagine you could change the FRA-rules a bit or any rule?
What would you change? What would you deregulate/regulate/change?

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Question for the Hyperloop-fans here:
what happens when a train/pod/tubemail goes at a speed of 500 MPH when suddenly there is a catastrofical faillure and suddenly the whole pipe is getting rapidly pressurized by, let's say, a hole in the walls?

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Rishab C Rozars shared RC - The Indian Rail World's Pushpak Arriving at Kalyan Junction | 12533 Pushpak Express ha... to the group: High Speed Rail America Club. ...

Pushpak Arriving at Kalyan Junction | 12533 Pushpak Express hauled by AJNI WAP-7

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This concept is why I hate the concept of the hyper loop. The day human beings are reduced to being put in a pipeline. Absolutely. Stupid. ...


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