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How Stupid are we on Transit?

By HSRAC | April 20, 2017

Behold, the colossal – failure that is current American metropolitan planning. Demetrius opines on the current situation with transit construction in Miami, it’s failures and solutions for the incoming generation.

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Man dragged off United Airlines Flight – GET ON THE TRAIN, AMERICA!

By HSRAC | April 11, 2017

Airlines have no care for their passengers and put their profits first over competition and people. It’s time to break up the monopoly and introduce the bane of airlines – high-speed rail.

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By HSRAC | April 1, 2017

We just met with a source regarding the video from yesterday – we have to expose the dark forces trying to stop high-speed rail and to help us out, please buy our special high-speed water filters on sale for 50% off!!

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Who Wants to Stop High-Speed Rail?! – EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATION

By HSRAC | March 31, 2017

Who could be behind the constant protests, legislation, and anti-rail groups pushing millions of dollars to stop high-speed rail from catching speed in this country? In the first of several multi-part investigations, we look at Florida’s anti-rail group pushing to stop Brightline from becoming reality – Citizens Against Rail Expansion.

Words from our Supporters:

You do not need to be a scientist to simply understand why americas rail network needs to be overhauled and why Amtrak makes so much loss per year. The answer which you can easily find by yourself just while locking on Amtraks rail network is simple: to less trains per day, to far distances with way to less route options.

To point out a few of the major issues, i made up 2 small story as an example, to showcase americas public transport ... madness

1) "Howdy" and the Football Match:

"Howdy" is a 70 year old man from Oklahoma City who is a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan whose grandchilds invited him to a Dallas Cowboys. Due to his age, Howdy takes together with his grandchildren Amtrak's mighty: Heartland Flyer in Oklahoma City

After just 4 hours on a long and bumpy train ride, Howdy and his grandchildren arrive Fort Worth's Amtrak Station from where they should have taken a bus ride to the booked hotel. But as Amtrak's Train is over 1 hour late, due to letting pass Cargo Trains, they see the bus driving away at the same time, they get out of the Amtrak Station in Fort Worth.

Old Howdy already feels exhausted after waiting 1 hour for next Bus and Since it's already lunch time, Howdy and his grandchildern are Hungry. But as Amtrak does not have a Restaurant at the Station and Howdy does not want to eat, fast food and still have an hour to wait, they decide eat something at the Little Red Wasp, in the pedestrian zone, near the Station.

After the lunch and refreshing, german cold Beer for Howdy, Howdy and his grandchildern make their way back to the Bus Stop and take on their final journey to the mighty AT&T Stadium with a 22min Bus ride to the East Fort Worth Transport Center where they have to wait once more 1 hour for next Bus to Meadowbrook/Eastchase.

32min and 33 Bus Stops later, 70 year old Howdy and his grandchildren reach the nearest Bus Station to the mighty AT&T Stadium. Howdy and his Grandchildern leave the Bus at the Shpping Center at Meadowbrook/Eastchase in Fort Worth where the grandchilder of Howdy find out, that they totally missunderstood the word; "nearest" while looking up the connection via google as the nearest Bus Stop to the AT&T Stadium is only a 4.7mile long and 1h and 36min walk away.

Luckily a young man speaks to the now very deperate looking and exhausted, old Howdy, in Dallas Cowboy fan clothes. After Howdy told the young man about his hell of a commute, the young man point's to his car and says that he is a driver for Uber who currently has a brake. Compassionated from Howdy's Story the young man drives Howdy and his grandchildrens to the AT&T Statdium and tells his grandchildren to call him after the Game, so he can drive them back to For Worth Station, to help them out.

The End 😀

2) Howdy's Birthday Journey with a real InterCity Train

"Howdy" is a 70 year old man from Oklahoma City who is a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan, whose grandchilds invited him to a Dallas Cowboys for his birthday. Due to his age, Howdy rather like to take the Train. Together with his grandchildren who invited him they board one of those new InterCity Trains in Oklahoma City

The newly opened, 150mph fast High Speed Train which goes directly from Oklahoma City to the International Airport of Fort Worth and the Main Station of Fort Worth, only needs 1h and 30min. But to save some bucks for new Cowboys Merchdies and also Food and Drinks in the Stadium, Howdy and his grandchildren board one of those new, just upgraded InterCity Trains which drives only 125mph, but only needs 2 hours even tho while stopping at several station.

In the elder and disabled friendly, airconditioned Entrance Hall of the new modernized Station, old Howdy smells fresh Dounuts and Cofee and sees people buying Newspapers and Magazines in a small Bookstore.

While his grandchildren buy the tickets from the Ticket Machine, Howdy buys some Dounuts for him and his grandchildren, at the Cafe. On the way back to the Ticket Machines, Howdy remembers how empty the Station once was and never thought that people would actually use the Train Station, even with a new Rail Operator.

But now after seeing several Cowboys Fans, Travelers, Commuters and even some Tourists from around the World, Howdy is amazed, how many people are using the new Trains, at a Station which was 2 years ago only severd just 1 Time per Day!

On the Board the new InterCity Train, Howdy tells his interested listening grandchildren about those old, giantic and smelly Diesel Trains and is absolutly blown away, that the even the new, electric InterCity Train cuts the former 4 hour travel time, still by half!

Even without Glasses old Howdy is able to read the large LED Screen with Passanger Information that currently shows the route with all stations:

Oklahoma City (OK), Main Station
Norman (OK), Station
Ardmore (OK), Station
Gainsville (TX), Station
Fort Worth (TX), Airport Railway Station
Fort Worth (TX), Main Station (This Trains ends, here!)

Howdy can't bellieve how comfortable, fast and smooth the new InterCity Train is and that they are already at Fort Worth. At the Station in Fort Worth, Howdy's old friend Dude, who is already waiting with his grandchild, for Howdy and his grandchildren.

After a small Lunch Break, Dude, Howdy and their grandchildren board the new Regional Express Train which conncets every 20min Fort Worth with Dallas via Arlington. On the Plattform where the Regional Express arrives Dude says, on the train youu guys used they use eurpean coaches from Siemens like Brightline has and Traxx Last Mile Locomotives from Bombardier, with that they can go up to 125mph and 100mph in corridors which need are not yet electricfied but need InterCity Trains. This way they even send InterCity Trains to from Austin to San Antonio while they are working on the electrification so they don't need to change locomotives..

Just 15min later Dude, Howdy and their grandchildren reach the new Train Station near the Cowboys Statdium where already a Shuttle Bus from the new Rail Operator waits to bring Fans punctual to the AT&T Stadium.

At the Stadium Howdy feels still feels relaxed and is amazed that the new Rail Operator is faster, than a Car and can not understand why so many people where against the new, faster, better and more safer Rail Operator. .

The End 😀

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Matthew Housley shared a link to the group: High Speed Rail America Club. ...

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Ok so Awhile back someone in this group asked about what should be the next Rail network to be built in america and I remember saying a Carolina Rail Network . well I decided to draw up that idea here with a little thing I put together.

I know it's wishful thinking but Hey it's fun to dream up ideas maybe they may happen.

HQ Version here:[email protected]/39577915091

But yeah my idea is a High Speed (Higher Speed) Rail Network for the Carolinas. Connecting all the major cities and towns together.

Yellow Line: Mountain Line Connecting Asheville, Spratanburg Greenville and Columbia

Blue Line: Midlands Line connecting Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta.

Red Line: Coastal Line connecting Raleigh, Fayetteville, Wilmington, Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Savannah.

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