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All Aboard Tampa, “There is no European HSR”, and Shinkansen Beer Party

By HSRAC | July 4, 2018

Back on track with some news for you. The governor of Florida is pushing for private companies to build a high-speed rail network between Orlando and Tampa (i.e Brightline), a European court says that Europe has “no high-speed rail network” and Japan’s recent bad luck has come up with some bright spots.

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FIU ARCH 2016 – High-Speed Rail in USA: Economics, Politics and Lessons from Japan

By HSRAC | April 27, 2018

The Advanced Research and Creativity through Honors presentation for Demetrius Villa’s senior research project at FIU, concerning the implications and economic effects of Japanese style bullet train technology in the US. Unfortunately for myself and the two other presenters prior to me, we didn’t have much of an audience, but thanks to the world wide…

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Trains, Toons and Tomorrow – “WHAT IS PROGRESS?” Walt Disney’s Futurism

By HSRAC | April 18, 2018

Walt Disney is regarded as one of America’s darling sons and renaissance man, but few know him as a futurist, city planner, and lifelong rail fanatic over a cartoonist. Explore Walt’s upbringing, creation, and dreams as we dive into the ethos that built America, and how we can rebuild a new future for our American…

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Fast Foward LIVE February 2018

By HSRAC | February 4, 2018

Live show talking in your comments on the future of the channel, the club in general, talking about Brightline, and America’s infrastructure plans in the future.

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America’s Most Advanced Train – FIRST RIDE ON BRIGHTLINE

By HSRAC | January 28, 2018

Smart travel in America is finally here! On January 12th, 2018, American transportation history changed forever as Brightline embarked on its first ever public trip. South Florida has become the first region in America to bring back passenger rail run by a private company in style, speed, and comfort! This was our journey and thoughts…

My thoughts on the first ever ride on the Brightline

By HSRAC | January 12, 2018

Some things that impressed me about the first ever ride on Brightline: The stations are particularly impressive, laid out extremely well, clean and ultra-modern. The ticketing process seems to be the easiest ticketing process I’ve seen on any passenger rail system. Turnstiles are very similar to Japan’s with a tap-n-go scanning system on your phone,…