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America’s Most Advanced Train – FIRST RIDE ON BRIGHTLINE

By HSRAC | January 28, 2018

Smart travel in America is finally here! On January 12th, 2018, American transportation history changed forever as Brightline embarked on its first ever public trip. South Florida has become the first region in America to bring back passenger rail run by a private company in style, speed, and comfort! This was our journey and thoughts…

My thoughts on the first ever ride on the Brightline

By HSRAC | January 12, 2018

Some things that impressed me about the first ever ride on Brightline: The stations are particularly impressive, laid out extremely well, clean and ultra-modern. The ticketing process seems to be the easiest ticketing process I’ve seen on any passenger rail system. Turnstiles are very similar to Japan’s with a tap-n-go scanning system on your phone,…

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By HSRAC | January 12, 2018
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Fast Foward LIVE Nov 30, 2017

By HSRAC | November 30, 2017

Live show talking in your comments on the future of the channel, the future of rail in America, and the Japan trip

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Japan Adventure Prologue and Part 1: “Go East, Young Man”

By HSRAC | November 24, 2017

A Happy Thanksgiving those who enjoy turkey and Black Friday for those of you who enjoy broken ribs! After airplane hijinks and bouts of bladder issues, the bois finally make it Japan in one piece to report on Tokyo’s massive train system and the lifestyle surrounding it. Part 1 includes the plane travel prologue and…

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October Update – High-Speed Rail Around America!

By HSRAC | November 1, 2017

America has been picking up steam at a steady pace to catch up to the world in bullet train line construction. From New York to LA (and Florida), several delays from hurricanes, zombie opposition groups, and just plain bureaucracy have slowed the pace but even that won’t stop what’s coming, as the rest of the…