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October Update – High-Speed Rail Around America!

By HSRAC | November 1, 2017

America has been picking up steam at a steady pace to catch up to the world in bullet train line construction. From New York to LA (and Florida), several delays from hurricanes, zombie opposition groups, and just plain bureaucracy have slowed the pace but even that won’t stop what’s coming, as the rest of the…

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Update – Incoming Irma, Japan Trip, Future Of Channel

By HSRAC | September 9, 2017

A recording of a live stream on September 9, 2017.

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Japan – Country on the Move/日本 – 動くする国 : CITY, TRAINS, PEOPLE, TRAVEL

By HSRAC | September 9, 2017

“It’s after this minute of so-called orderly chaos that I realize that the entirety of Japan’s modern economic and social status rests in its expansive and labyrinth-like transit system, scouring through the cities and country as arteries on the human body. In the tradition of the samurais of yesterday, Japan’s modern blood is forged in…

N700 bullet train

First-World Transit — Experiences of Japan’s Transit System

By HSRAC | August 18, 2017

A one week experience in Earth’s largest megalopolis and the life blood known as it’s passenger train system View story at

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By HSRAC | August 8, 2017

…ands it’s even more amazing that actually imagined. The smoothness, the punctuality, and speed – it’s true, all of it.

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We’re Taking a Trip to Japan!

By HSRAC | July 30, 2017

Beginning next week is a new series on Japan on their infrastructure and transportation system. Be sure to support our new GoFundMe, or Patreon to assist in producing this series and documentary leading after it.