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N700 bullet train

First-World Transit — Experiences of Japan’s Transit System

By HSRAC | August 18, 2017

A one week experience in Earth’s largest megalopolis and the life blood known as it’s passenger train system View story at

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By HSRAC | August 8, 2017

…ands it’s even more amazing that actually imagined. The smoothness, the punctuality, and speed – it’s true, all of it.

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We’re Taking a Trip to Japan!

By HSRAC | July 30, 2017

Beginning next week is a new series on Japan on their infrastructure and transportation system. Be sure to support our new GoFundMe, or Patreon to assist in producing this series and documentary leading after it.

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Transit Study: Miami vs. Denver

By HSRAC | July 21, 2017

What makes Denver Union Station lucrative and a far better-spent project versus the Miami Intermodal Center? Denver should serve as the inspiration for American train stations and here is why.

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North Miami Beach Transit Meeting 7/15/2017 – “Miami Metro Meeting Madness”

By HSRAC | July 15, 2017

We attended a local meeting in South Florida in regards to the SMART plan and transportation/transit for the city. Seeing as how the county has handled previous projects, I spoke out my concerns, which were plenty.

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Why Did US Railservice Decline from Class to Crap? THE TRUTH!

By HSRAC | July 1, 2017

Did America’s once industrious and world famous passenger rail system fall because of “fair and equal” competition – or did the federal government tax it to death? Did America’s shift from rails to roads come out naturally – or from lobbying from General Motors? We visit two of America’s passenger rail cars from a bygone…