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How Stupid are we on Transit?

By HSRAC | April 20, 2017

Behold, the colossal – failure that is current American metropolitan planning. Demetrius opines on the current situation with transit construction in Miami, it’s failures and solutions for the incoming generation.

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Man dragged off United Airlines Flight – GET ON THE TRAIN, AMERICA!

By HSRAC | April 11, 2017

Airlines have no care for their passengers and put their profits first over competition and people. It’s time to break up the monopoly and introduce the bane of airlines – high-speed rail.

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By HSRAC | April 1, 2017

We just met with a source regarding the video from yesterday – we have to expose the dark forces trying to stop high-speed rail and to help us out, please buy our special high-speed water filters on sale for 50% off!!

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Who Wants to Stop High-Speed Rail?! – EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATION

By HSRAC | March 31, 2017

Who could be behind the constant protests, legislation, and anti-rail groups pushing millions of dollars to stop high-speed rail from catching speed in this country? In the first of several multi-part investigations, we look at Florida’s anti-rail group pushing to stop Brightline from becoming reality – Citizens Against Rail Expansion.